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states became a global power and i'm thinking back to the monroe doctrine about the united states and our sphere of influence, you are asking about strategic interest in rebuilding haiti. i do think that there is interest on the part of the united states strategically to engage haiti and make sure that this epic human catastrophe resolves itself, and this is going to take a very long time, but look, the united states was the first one to announce humanitarian help. we're always the biggest contributor when natural disasters happen in the world. no other country on the face of the earth in the history of the world does more to help people in situations like this than the united states of america. we always deliver. the question is, how best to do this? and when you look back since 1992, since the clintons were in office, what you've seen is a dedication of $3 billion from the united states going into haiti. it is still incredibly poor despite all of this effort on the part of the united states and other nations. in fact, haiti has the greatest number of nongovernmental organizations, ngos,
presidents of the united states, bill clinton and george w. bush. we've watched the sunday shows so you don't have to. we'll break it all down with james carvel and mary madeline and the best political team on television. "state of the union" sound of sunday for january 17th. president obama's point man for the humanitarian crisis acknowledges complaints from search and rescue teams and medical organizations saying they can't get clooerns to fly in. dr. rah jooef shaw says balancing the need for boots on the ground with the dire shortage of food, water and medicine. >> we have 30 teams from around the world on the ground, approximately 30 teams. each of those teams is 70-plus individuals. they have dogs and assets and specialized equipment. they work around the clock. our teams from the u.s. were the first teams to get in. they set aup center that allowed the others to know where to go and work in a more coordinated way. you always want more and we have sa number of teechls on standby in the united states. we were told by the haitian government that we need to balance the degree of that ver
, the opposition is over 50%. support is in the low 30's. there's a 20. difference allover the united states. i think obama had an ambitious agenda announced early in his term. it pushed the ideological limits of the country. at the beginning, there was rebellion in the town hall meetings. that now translates into electoral success or near misses. >> bill clinton is up there this weekend for martha coakley. rudy giuliani will be there for scott brown. i do not know if that is a plus or not. does the president go? >> it is to dangers. >> he has a lot of other things on his plate. -- is it too dgerous for the president to go? >> he has a lot of other things foon his plate. martha coakley may not be an inspiration in canada, but she did easily win a primary. she has done some less than inspirational things. that is her problem. >> i do not think this is about ideology. there is anger at government. people sense that state governments are not working. the federal government is strongly the -- struggling to function. people are furious. >> the governor of massachusetts is in trouble. anybody who is
china's nations with taiwan is good for the united states. and a look at a small company viking to get innovative technologies into military service. >> good morning, welcome to this week in defense news. how do small companies get innovative technologies into military service? we'll talk to one of the companies. >>> plus, a look at the u.s. navy's newest high-tech ship. first, china's been making headlines this week. internet titan google is considering pulling the plug on its operations in the country, accusing chinese hackers of infiltrating the network. other companies include north rum grumman and beijing stepped up the campaign to stop washington from selling arms to taiwan. china and taiwan split after a 1949 civil war and china considering taiwan its territory and all relations with taiwan as an internal chinese matter and tested an antimissile defense system. joining us is bonnie glacier, a senior fellow and china expert at the center of strew tonalic international studies. thank you for joining us. >> good to be here. >> we have the cyberattack issue. light talk about that fi
mcdonnell, do solomnly swear, that i will support the constitution of the united states, and the constitution of the commonwealth of virginia, and that i will faithfully and impartially discharge the duties incumbent up on me as governor of the commonwealth of virginia, according to the best of my ability, so help me god. [ cheers and applause ] [applause] [applause] [applause] [applause] [applause] [applause] >> members and guests, please be seated. i have the honor to present to the sovereign people of virginia the new governor of the commonwealth, his excellencey, robert francis mcdonnell. [cheers and applause] >> well, that is a lot of people there. kind of like one of your fundraisers. thank you. thank you. [cheers and applause] >> thank you! [cheers and applause] >> thank you! thank you so much for the incredible honor that you bestowed on me. thank you, mr. speaker, lieutenant governor bowling, attorney general, members of the general assembly, distinguished guests from around the world and across the country, family and friends, fellow virginians and americans. g
blacks. the united states, for example, didn't recognize haiti for the first 58 years of its existence until 1862, a year after the u.s. civil war began. that was the official beginning of what continues to this day to be a difficult relationship. in 1915, the u.s. sent in landing force to occupy the island nation and haitian president had just been assassinateded and the country was in a state of chaos and some say america wanted to protect its investments there. whatever the reasons for coming, the americans stayed for almost 20 years. and it was an often brutally occupation. the americans under franklin roosevelt withdrew but essentially of their own volleynition 1934. haiti remained a trouble and deeply chaotic place. 60 years later, they were back. in 1994, under the clinton administration, the american military fwhent again. this time, they came to restore democracy and two years later, haiti saw for the first time in its then almost 200-year history peaceful transition of power from one democratically elected president to another. then the earthquake. and late wednesday afternoo
, the world was weary of this nation. the united states, for example, didn't recognize haiti for the first 58 years of its existence until 1862, a year after the u.s. civil war began. and that was the official beginning of what continues to this day to be a difficult relationship. in 1915, the u.s. sent in a landing force to occupy the nation and the country was in a state of chaos and some said america simply wanted to protect its investments there. whatever the reasons for coming, the americans stayed for almost 20 years. and it was an often brutal occupation. the americans under franklin eleanor roosevelt withdrew in 1934. haiti remained a troubled and deeply chaotic place. 60 years later, they were back and in 1994 under the clinton administration, the american military went in again. this time they came to restore democracy and two years later haiti saw for the first time in its then almost 200-year history a peaceful transition of power from one democratically elected president to another. but then the earthquake and late wednesday afternoon, of course, america returned again. this time
endangered species, which means you cannot shoot them in the united states. people can shoot them in canada and in russia and england, but you can shoot them in america. you can't bring the carcass of the polar bear you shot them roust into the united states. i met someone in the united states was on this this very trip that i'm about to tell you about. we were on the ship in the background called cappy time and those of you who side with an russian icebreaker strand in the antarctic a couple of weeks ago was the sister ship of this one. and it looks very much like this. it looks like somebody said that a block of flats on a barge. and we the cabin upon the upper deck and had a huge bridge from which we could see everything. the point of this trip, was one of the leaders of the trip. we were going to the north pole. when you travel and as part of the world nbc bears off in the distance, as i said it's usually over there you see that white and moving. that's the bear. while this is somewhat closer. we had a bear that came this close to the ship and it was right alongside the ship. this will
or 130,000 net new jobs every month in the united states just to hold the unemployment rate where it is. and we've lost, perhaps, 8 million in the decade. so to claw back and actually have a total employment growth with rising labor income, in my view, i'm not as optimistic as michelle. >> a lot of people do feel if we start to see some job growth and if indeed the numbers match what your expectations are that the fed might move on interest rates. do you agree? >> i think that that is going to be willing to tolerate faster growth, if as long as the inflation situation remains under control. you know, as david said, even with our optimistic employment numbers it's going take -- it's going to take years to get the unemployment back toward the level it was at before we went into this recession and as long as the unemployment rate is slack in the economy, the fed doesn't think inflation will be a problem. so they're going to stand, i think they'll stand pat, but i think they may be surprised and inflation will never be as tame as they expect and as the economy improves we'll see pressure. s
in a church. right at the vermont baptist church in washington, d.c., the president of the united states. >> our family here today. it feels like a family. thank you for making us feel that way. to pastor wheeler, first lady wheeler, thank you so much for welcoming us here today. congratulations on jordan denise, aka cornielia. michelle and i have been blessed with a new nephew this year, as well. austin lucas robinson. so maybe at the appropriate time we can make introductions. now, if jordan's father is like me, then that will be in about 30 years. that is a great blessing. michelle and malia and sasha and i are thrilled to be here today. and i know that sometimes you have to go through a little fuss to have me as a guest speaker. so, let me apologize in advance for all the fuss. we gather here on a sabbath during a time of profound difficulty for our nation and for our world. and such a time that soothes the soul to seek out the divine in the spirit of prayer. to seek solace among a community of believers. but we are not here just to ask the lord for his blessing, we aren't here just
that secretary of state hillary clinton is in fact heading back to the united states with some 50 americans on board. you will remember our coverage earlier here on fox, the u.s. coast guard in fact flying her in on one of the aircraft this afternoon where she was to meet with the president of haiti and the prime minister. bringing aid to embassy workers in need of food and water and more aid to haiti. now we're getting word that the secretary of state hillary clinton leaving haiti, so a short visit there and taking some 50 americans with her. the mite of generosity will be bound by two former commander in chiefs. president clinton and president bush accepting the invitation to lead private measure and president obama saying the enlistment of his predecessor is inspired by the success of the relief effort after the 2004 tsunami that struck asia. clinton and g.h.w. bush headed that. despite the haiti tragedy, president bush and clinton today also focussing on the country's future prospects. >> there is just an unbelievable spirit amongst the haitian people. while the earthquake destroyed a l
of state talks directly to the haitian people. >> the united states is a friend, a partner, and a supporter. >> but this as s. a nation stricken by anarchy and corruption in the best of times, coups, gang violence and today a shootout during a bank robbery. i had to ask secretary clinton will america's and the world's generosity be well spent? >> geraldo: are sufficient safe sals guards in place to make sure the money is spent wisely? >> yes, we have a very clear set of ground rules that will be followed. as you may know, we are working closely with the government of haiti before this tragedy and had worked out many of the issues that needed to o be addressed in order to deliver assistance and we will build on that. >> geraldo: tonight, the moment of crisis. can haiti be saved? tens of thousands of haitians, their bodies have been recovered. tens of thousands of bodies have been recovered. hundreds of thousands of haitians are homeless this night. aid is only now beginning to trickle out to the people. one of the most important issues here is security. let me start the program by introducin
: many nations led by the united states are heeding the call. >> we learn about the horrifying scope of this catastrophe, destruction and suffering that defies comprehension. that is why thousands of american personnel, civilian and military are on the scene working to distribute clean drinking water and food and medicine and thousands of tons of emergency food supplies are arriving every day. >> geraldo: and two former occupants of the white house lend their voices to what is fast becoming one of the largest relief efforts ever. >> a lot of people want to send blankets or water. just send your cash. one of the things that the president and i doll is to make sure that your money is spent wisely. as president obama said, you can look us up on clintonbushhaitifund.org. >> we want to do what i did with the president's father in the tsunami area. we want to be a place where people know their money will be well spent and we will ensure the ongoing integrity of the process. >> geraldo: as fox news correspondents criss-cross the fields of the dead and broken hearted the secretary of state t
of state hillary clinton meets with the 18th president. she assured that the united states would bring medical supplies and food and continue to help with rescue efforts. this is about 10 minutes. >> the press conference will be very difficult because of the noise of the motors. i think mrs. clinton for her visit, which shows, once again, her interest and support for haiti. since the earthquake, president obama has clearly stated how much help the united states and other countries should give to haiti. the last initiative of putting the two last proceeding presidents together to form a fund is, again, a sign of great support. the u.s. aid is already on the territory. i just visited a victim who has been, since five days, taken care of by the military and american medical support in haiti. mrs. clinton's visit really warms our heart today, but especially to reassure the priorities and needs and the coordination and needs to be done since the earthquake. i will not talk on behalf of mrs. clinton, i will let her express what the american government wants to do towards haiti. >> first, --
a number of teams on stand by here in the united states. but we were even told by the haitian government that -- that we need to balance the degree of that versus food and rations, and also about the president's top priority, which is saving lives. so we have been doing everything that we can can to get as many as sets on the ground as possible and get them deployed quickly. >> we will go over to the happen to take a closer look. as all the resources come in, u.s. military resource, and con true contributions from other companies, who decides where they go and what you do? >> as you know, that's a major challenge in any crisis like this. we have established along with the united nations that the agreement with secretary clinton and president preval, to coordinate a center that is up and running. we worked at the tactical and operational level between the force commander, from brazil, to do that as best we could. we will coordinate and synchronize all of the efforts to insure that we are putting on what we need where it's needed as quickly as possible using all assets available within the
in the united states, but in proximity to the world. we are watching to see how the president handles a major humanitarian crisis. haiti is an independent nation. this is president obama's relief operation in the moment. as the u.s. is taking the lead right now, secretary of state clintons was there yesterday. we will talk to the agency for international development, dr. raj shaw. we will talk to the u.s. military commander on the ground, general p.k. keen. we will talk about if the logistics are better, and more food and medical supplies and what is needed in the next few days. >> you know, john, a lot of people watching it play out on television feel so helpless. they want to do something but don't know how. yesterday the president tapped two former presidents to help him with fund-raising. how will that work? >> it's an interesting thing. i covered the white house for a long time and i was over there yesterday. when you see the concern the president of the united states step out of the oval office with two former presidents of the united states, it reminds you of the gravity of the moment,
the disaster zone to the united states. plus, as rescue crews pull more victims from the rubble, food and water remain in short supply. even as president obama offers prayers for haitian victims today, he's keeping an eye on u.s. politics. why a trip to massachusetts could make a difference between getting his health care reform passed or watching it fail. hello, you are watching hln news and views. i'm melissa long. there is a top official leading the u.s. relief efforts in haiti saying issues of violence are hurting rescue attempts to help the victims. while the streets have been largely calm, violence is increasing. about 1,000 u.s. troops are in haiti and about 3,000 others are working from ships. more than 12,000 u.s. forces are expected to be there tomorrow. they are working with local police force and they're beginning to work with security. violence in haiti will continue long after the story fades from the headlines. president obama speaks about how faith gets people through these tough times. >> it's faith that keeps me calm. it's faith that gives me peace. the same faith that leads a
, it has been known about for a long time and neither the united states nor the u.n. nor anyone else has tried to make aid conditional on adopting the policies and i don't think we have any alternative going forward for the benefit of the people of haiti themselves. >> eric: with ban ki-moon on his way, he says we shouldn't waste one dollar of aid, clearly that is on his mind and there is a major task ahead of us for the union and the world. we're just at the beginning. ambassador john bolton, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> jamie: let's move on to health care. congressional democrats are working hard to nail done a final health care reform bill securing the support of organized labor this past week, how did they do it? gave a five year tax exemption on expensive health plans. analysts say this move blows a $60 billion hole in the plan. they'll have to make up this money someplace else. how is congress going to do that and will the money come from your pocket? joining me now, republican senator from louisiana, david vitter. thank you so much for being with you, se
the globe. secretary of state hillary clinton traveled to the country today. >> the united states is a friend, a partner and a pporter. >> reporter: but as the food, water and medical supplies make their way to those who need them the most it has become clear the massive relief effort does not come close to matching the need here. jay gray, nbc news. >> that was jay gray from port-au-prince. some of the local families with loved ones in haiti have gotten news. for some it was the call they were waiting for. for others it was the news they dreaded. a plane loaded with earthquake victims will land at andrews air force base overnight. responders are on the ground ready to help. darcy, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, craig. we don't have a lot of details. but 22 injured americans will be flown here from haiti to andrews air force base. at the morningside volunteer fire station they will be staging at midnight tonight, ambulances will be available to transport patients if they are needed. at wpfw radio in adams morgan, von martin dedicates his show to the haitian community. he
hillary clinton traveled to the region today, personally delivering usa. >> the united states is a friend, a partner, and a supporter. >> but as the food, water, and medical supplies make their way to those who need them most, it has become clear the massive relief effort still does not even come close to matching the need here. >> at the white house today, three united states presidents promised help for haiti. president obama announced that president george w. bush and bill clinton have agreed to throw their weight behind a massive fund raising effort. brian moore has that story from washington. >> president obama and listed his two predecessors for a massive fund raising effort. >> these two leaders send an unmistakable message to the people of haiti and the people of the world. in these difficult hours, america stands united. >> generous americans have already given millions. in pasadena, the owners did -- donors did not even have to step out of their car. vice-president by and ushered haitian americans that help is coming, despite a logistical bottleneck caused by the widespread deva
is born in trinidad. emigres he immigrates to the united states two weeks before his 11th birthday in 1952. he lives in the bronx. he is one of the only african-american students who tests in to the high school in 1956. that is one of the most prestigious high schools in your city. even as the high schools in he is an activist. by 1963 enrolls in howard university . and really stokely carmichael becomes a freedom rider and is arrested in mississippi. he really celebrates his 20th birthday in prison for civil-rights activity. that is going to be the first of 27 arrests between 1961 and 1966. what is really important about stokely carmichael that i tried to convey in this book is that carmichael is one of the few americans domestically during the 1960's who actually believes would democracy. but i mean by that is undergoes physical peril and violence as the hands of hate groups and really domestic terrorists in places like the mississippi delta, in alabama, in cambridge, maryland, in washington, d.c. to promote voting rights and citizenship rights for all african-americans. >> host: i want t
home of dick cheney but please kept them off his street. >>> thousands of troops from the united states are helping the people of haiti, but talk show host rush limbaugh says that makes the military little more than meals on wheels. what you're saying about his assessment next. >>> rush limbaugh had strong words about president obama's decision to send 10,000 troops into haiti. on his radio show friday, limbaugh asked why the white house didn't seem bothered by the cost of sending forces to help with the haitian relief efforts when there was so much concern about the cost of sending them to afghanistan. under the current administration, it seems the military's job is no longer to protect national security but now, quote, meals on wheels. as is always with the democratic presidents. a lot have been posting views on facebook. my husband said he joined the armed forces to make a difference in the world, not just the u.s. i think the statement was dis tasteful and disrespectful. tom says, i don't think rush was showing disrespect to the troops but he is questioning the decision to send them
and liberalizes either in soviet, domestic or foreign policy. casey was wrong. at that time, the united states was also claiming repeatedly that soviet union was developing its own missile defense program, its own strategic defense initiative. paul nitzan gave a speech in july saying of the soviets, clearly they see the potential applications ford vance defensive technologies, otherwise there would not be investing so much effort in so many resources in this area. and of course we had some good propaganda of our own in a number of glossy reports which were issued by the pentagon and state department. we show the soviets have a laser reaching up to satellite. this pencil drawing appeared at least four times and pentagon and state department brochures, but this laser shooting at these guys did not exist. in fact the soviets at one time wanted to build such a laser but after years of trying they had failed. this is the state of our knowledge of corporate job. what really was going on? what really was happening was quite different. within three months of taking office, all the top designers and co
of the work of herman kahn starting in 1967 for the united states in the early '80s for the soviets, it was actually a short reduction in arms, way below debating on how you count anywhere from 70 to 90 plus% below where we were in 1967. warheads got smaller as accuracies improved, etc. ironically, we are now seeing with iran and pakistan and north korea, the prospect of a world because of proliferation where you're going to have a whole bunch of countries who have these weapons, who already have them, but the proliferating them, at least north korea's case, where the iranians if they get it, there wasn't anybody over there doing that kind of thinking. and did you get in the mideast as a result of the iranian nuclear weapon, you could easily get saudi calling up islamabad saying would you guys like to sell if you? none of these countries i waited, both united states and russians the better part of 20 years to do, which was think through these things, learn from some experiences and with the cautions instinct of kennedy and khrushchev and khrushchev had to restrain castro who is read
the united states should be there but the chinese or what ever could come in there. but fake with the closures and layoffs, more money should be thrown into our governments and our country first. that sounds selfish, i am sorry. i think there are many people, detroit, michigan, they have been really hit hard. in my city, there is a lot of foreclosures going on. i think that's terrible. that's all i have to say. host: we will go to the democrats learned from jacksonville, florida, good morning. will there be a long-term u.s. commitment to haiti? caller: yes, i think it will bid. these people are really suffering. that is all of the other caller to say that. we need to commit money to all these other terrorists in other countries, one of commitment to haiti? host: york city, on the independent life. caller: good morning, you have a great show. i would like to make an observation -about the condition of haiti. i am a professor and i was assigned to nasa for disaster in the united states. were a small atomic weapon to use. one thing we learn from katrina and learn from 9/11 and n
out law enforcement, provide security? does the united states forces there -- i'm sure they can defend themselves what about more jen -- more generally who is providing security? >> united nations forces have enough to provide security and stability one the construct of what they are doing here and they are doing that the police have been devastated as well. we've seen increase in presence of the police on the street. but it's limited. we do have to secure ourselves, as you said but also have to address how we are able to continue our humanitarian assistance mission in a safe and secure environment. so we have to work and we are working along side the united states, united nations and the government of haiti to continue this security challenge that we face. >> general keen, thank you for taking this time. dr. shah thank you for coming in. saturday president obama asked former presidents george w bush and bill clinton help with the haiti relief efforts. they sat down with major garrett. >> president bush, president clinton thank you for joining us. first question, do you intend to go to
condition. but there is such a connection between the united states and haiti that there is a lot of americans here who are trying to get out. >> cnn's anderson cooper. there you see him on the scene trying to rescue a little girl. anderson, we hope they do rescue her and if there is any development, we'll get back to you. appreciate it. food aid is starting to reach the people who need it the most. our karl penhaul is port-au-prince and he joins us now. what is the scene now. >> reporter: as night falls, in fact, the aid operations stop. certainly those that are backed by the united nations, because they have very strict security guidelines, and, of course, this is one of the problems that the united nations who has its peacekeeping force here are very mindful, very worried about, the potential breakout of violence and also general chaos associated with that food distribution. now earlier on, as you know, because we were talking at the time, we saw an american helicopter swooping down, about ten feet off the ground and dumped boxes of aid off the side on to the ground there. that
that has affected the people of haiti. but i want to assure the people of haiti that the united states is a friend, a partner in compound and a supporter and we will work with your government under the direction of your president to assist in any way that we can. we had a very good meeting about all of the priorities of the haitian government and the haitian people. we are focused on providing humanitarian assistance, water, food, medical help to those that are suffering. we also are working with the haitian government on the continuing rescue of those that can be rescued. there are nearly 30 teams from all over the world that are working right now to rescue people who are still alive. most of the people that the american teams have rescued our haitian. the president just met a man who survived for all of these days and we are very grateful for the rescue. we discussed the priorities of restoring communication, electricity and transportation. and we agreed that we will be coordinating closely together to achieve these goals. >> i am very proud of the work that our american embassy has
is the president of the united states. he has now been introduced by martha coakley and hoping to boost in this venue, pretty energized largely democratic crowd here in boston, mass. -- massachusetts. the special election will be held on tuesday and it could alter the equation on capitol hill when it comes to health care reform. much of which is now being ironed out in conference committee with the president himself trying to broker a deal between the house and senate version. here is the president of the united states, on sunday. that is quite a cheering crowd for martha coakley and the president of the united states. let's listen in for just a moment here. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >>> househeougat is oe mpbys [ cheers and applause ] >>> the great senior senator from this, i know where we are. massachusetts, john kerry! [ applause ] >> i want to thank vicky kennedy and the entire kennedy family. they have been great friends for so long. [ applause ] >> for all the outstanding members of congress who are in the house today, thank you. we are so thankful to pastor
and they lost. now obama is the most likely next president of the united states and democratic nominee and they go crazy. bill clinton is accusing obama of busing in supporters. he's saying he stole the caucus. hillary is so depressed. she turns to her husband and says, maybe the problem is not my campaign, maybe they just don't like me. chris: let's go to new hampshire. kelly. new hampshe was the second big round. hillary clinton upset barack obama at that point. a lot of people thought she won, because people liked her. there was empathy and she showed weakness in terms of her emotions. the clintons apparently read that differently. they said we beat this guy because we went for the jugular and we're going to do it again. >> the mind-set was a reluctance to allow her sensitive side to be seen, in part because remember she had been first lady and although not the softness of first ladies, that east wing influence when y're talking about the first woman president was uncomfortable if them when they wanted to portray her as tough enough for the job. to allow her to be seen as a softer f
of the country that elect an african-american as the 44th president of the united states of america. when wheeler mentions the inauguration, last yearee election. you know, on the heels of that victory over a year ago there were some who suggested that somehow we had entered into a post-racial america. all those problems would be solved. there were those who argued that because i had spoke of a need for unity in this country, that our nation was somehow entering into a period of post partis partisans. that didn't work out so well. there was a hope shared by many that life would be better from the moment that i swore that oath. as we immediate here today, a year later, we know the promise that that moment has not been fully fulfilled. because of an era of greed and irresponsibility, that sowed the seeds of its own demise and economic troubles unaddressed through the generations, because the banking crisis that brought the financial system to the brink of catastrophe, we are being tested in our own lives and as a nation as few have been tested before. unemployment is at its highest level in more th
the united states and embassy workers from the dominican republic to move along this process. it will be some time. the question about the aivd whether it's getting to the people. if you were to take an object yon and slice it in half and it has a hundred different rings on it. we are still based on the outer ring of that onion of penetration. you see a little bit of help here. once you get in the city and the neighborhoods and you drive up and down street after street, it takes your breath away. the amount of devastation and destruction that you come across. i'm afraid to say we're at the beginning of the process. ultimately you have to find a way to house the people, out in the countryside, where there is a lot of people take them to the country to give them shelter there. these are big questions people are trying to figure out, yet again on sunday afternoon. >>> it's heartbreaking. u.n. says they are feeding 60,000 people a day with biscuits but president clinton will be arriving in haiti tomorrow. what can you tell bus that trip, what he hopes to achieve and what he may do? >> i just lear
. that prompted -- the word got to the rescue teams in here for the united states. and they sent the team over noontime today and they've been here every since. we had a couple of tremors since we've been here in the last few hours. two dogs up that smelled for signs of life. life only -- that was two different dogs, two different times. they hit on a living scent. they started to drill a six-inch-wide hole. they dropped down a camera and they also dropped down some sound equipment. but they didn't hear anything. plus they got those hits. kept digging deeper and deeper with the drill hammer. and then they at 8:00 at night sent another dog up from the l.a. county fire department it got a hit in the same spot. they're digging deeper to see if they can find signs of life of that one employee that might be down there. as amazing as that is, four days after the earthquake hit. and there's another possibility that another employee of another office in this same building might also be down there. we're going to be going -- this particular team will be working until midnight tonight and then they'll b
to be sideways. i e-mailed back to experts in the united states who said she needed to go to a hospital immediately. we took off and arrived at the israeli medical center, one of the only functioning operating rooms in the country, and there, she's getting care that's better than she would have received before the earthquake. she's geing better care now than she would have a week ago. dan? >> dr. besser, thank you. and as dr. besser knows, she delivered a healthy baby girl tonight. and we're thankful for that. >>> so, as you know, the destruction here in port-au-prince is beyond belief. but there are actually places outside of the city where the damage and destruction is worse. abc's kate snow went to one such city tonight, a place that has been flattened, and where people say they have been forgotten. >> reporter: heading west along the coast, past the sugar cane fields, we pull into the town of leogane. you can't tell what the stores were. as we weave into downtown, the destruction is astounding. maybe 70% of the buildings and homes just gone. an old hardware store on the corner, a ph
. >> reporter: kate snow, abc news, leogane, haiti. >> the response to charity in the united states has been truly overwhelming. american charities say they have taken in $150 million. that is far more than was taken in in the aftermath of hurricane katrina or the asian tsunami. but how is this money being spent? we asked david kerley to check it out. >> reporter: outside the haitian embassy in washington, d.c. today, a crush of people, wanting to help, to give. >> just a quick overview of the general situation. >> reporter: at american red cross headquarters -- >> i need to speak to isabel -- >> reporter: they are scrambling to get aid in. >> how do we coordinate it? >> reporter: while americans hope their donation is buying a bottle of water -- >> we established a land bridge. >> reporter: the vast majority of money right now is used for gasoline, transportation. if somebody sends you $1, $10, where is that going to go? >> well, we -- it's a really good question. i think it's primarily to be sending, to be purchasing and moving supplies for people who need them. >> reporter: the haiti disa
to haiti. also, we'll update the united states rescue and relief efforts with lieutenant general ken keen who is leading the efforts there. and dr. rajiv shah, chief administrator for the u.s u.su.s. u.s. aig. and we get the latest from correspondent morgan harrington -- steve harrigan. and the democrats are working with the bill looming. what will the gop do next? we ask mitch mcconnell. and the sunday panel, they will look at the massachusetts election. will a republican capture a democratic seat on tuesday? all that right now on "fox news sunday". hello again from fox news in washington. we'll hear from the former presidents and the other guests in a moment but first, the latest from haiti. authorities say at least 50,000 people have been killed and there are fears that death toll could more than double. relief agencies estimate one-third of the country, some 3 million people are in need of help and officials say there is no electricity and the water system collapsed. for more, we turn to steve harrigan in port-au-prince. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, brit. each day w
of this scale and magnitude away from the united states to create this kind of bipartisanship? >> well, i think that when something like this happens inside the united states we act in the same way. i think that it reminds us of our common humanity. it reminds of us needs that go beyond fleeting disagreements. whatever our policies are don't seem to matter much when people are dying, and hungry, and sick. i think it's just a natural human response. just as people's disagreements are a natural human response and in normal times can be healthy. it wouldn't be healthy for america if, in normal times, we had no political debates. and it would be perverse if in a time like this, we let lesser matters keep us from joining hands. >> president bush, you're back. >> indeed. it's a little nostalgic. i'm glad i've come back for this purpose. i must confess, i really -- i miss you as a person but i don't miss the spotlight. >> i think i'll take that as a compliment. >> yes. >> good luck to you both. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> and up next, we'll talk politics and assess the first full year of the o
talked about leaving iraq to develop wmd and fragrant bleach of the united states resolution does not notch and pretty goes on to say the response to iraq of a calm, measured, insensible and out the options available will be considered. at the same press conference, george bush restates it quote, the policy of my government is the removal of saddam. that was since bill clinton signed the policy of the american administration. >> did the prime minister made clear to him that that wasn't the uk policy? the >> yes, yes. the prime minister made them clear throughout this better object to is was disarmament of saddam hussein through the united nations forcing them to comply with this extreme of united nations resolutions. now, so but i think then followed -- the reason again -- the >> when the president talked about military action, how did time to go to war. it wasn't like that ault. he was saying we got a real problem with saddam hussein, post-september 11th he said we both share the analysis and tony blair and he mentioned this in the first statement after september 11th, the genuin
of thousands. the first words from haiti's ambassador to the united states were prophetic. >> i'm quite sure we will need everything. >> reporter: the pictures have become familiar. the presidential palace had all but collapsed. so had block after block, neighborhood after neighborhood, gone. a police station destroyed. the university flattened. >> we need more people down here. >> reporter: united nations headquarters, gone. the few helpers that remained had to help themselves. everywhere there were frantic efforts to pull people from the debris. tons of debris. the few happy endings offset by horrific scenes on corner after corner. port-au-prince was on its own. as the sun rose on wednesday, the earthquake's impact could be seen not just in the city but in surrounding neighborhoods. in the best of times, haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. four out of five people here live in poverty. with hospitals collapsed and no doctors or ambulances in the streets, people realized it was up to them. right now we're outside a hospital. it is an almost indescribable scene of anguish wit
see maybe a homeless person in the united states, people pretend they don't see this person. it took a few moments for my eyes to adjust and realize, this person is dead. and then, of course, the next person, there were three people like that, and the next block, there were four and they were covered in sheets. so it really -- it takes your eyes time to adjust to what you're seeing. >> i was listening to some of your reporting on the first day. i think you may have been in new york on your way here and you made a comment about the death tolls. the death tolls at that time were already being imagined or predicted. you said, let's take a breath and recognize that they don't always end up that way. what did you mean? >> well, initial reports are always, as you well know, sketchy if not exaggerated or underestimated. it's important, i think, early on, not to focus so much on total numbers. and now we're hearing death tolls are all over the place. and as we've seen, it doesn't look like they're counting the dead. they're not documenting the dead. when we were in skrori lanka af the tsunam
messages going to, was it to people here in the united states, people in haiti? was it to rescuers? where were the text messages going to? >> reporter: as we understand it, from a representative of u.s. aid. we understand the message went to a relative, and in turn word spread from there, they called a radio station, the radio station called in a search and rescue unit, and finally they arrived and started digging. it's just, we have an incredible perch here to see what's going on. these two teams from l.a. county, and miami-dade florida. they've given us amazing access. they've been going at it none stop, it's really remarkable. believe you me, if someone's down there, they'll find them. >> susan, listen, you said someone set off a car alarm, do they believe this person may have had a key to set their own alarm off as an indication to someone who was above ground that something was going on? is that what you're saying? >> reporter: that's what they're guessing, that somehow from inside the building they may have been able to set off a car alarm, and that was followed by the text message.
the assistance from the united states would continue for as long as it takes. >> as president obama said, we will be here today, tomorrow, and for the time ahead. >> we're learning when secretary clinton got back on board the c-130, she was not alone. in fact, she was helping transport back about 50 american citizens who were in haiti at the time of the quake. they were returning with the secretary to america to seek further treatment in the united states. matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> thank you, matt for that and as you mentioned about the treatment, medical aid is crucial in haiti right now and more help is on the way. the huge naval hospital ship the comfort steamed out of baltimore this morning headed to the devastated country. the vessel can handle about 200 patients a day and as you can imagine, it's an enormous effort getting it ready in a short period of time. john henrehan continues our team coverage with that story. >> reporter: in the predawn darkness at the port of baltimore, a handful of families were drawn to an illuminated white ship being readied for departure. it's the u.s. n
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